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Slate Roofing: Time-Honored Choice for Your Home

The slate roof is one of those that are chosen for a specific style and aesthetic value. It is most often seen in historical buildings or those period buildings that have been around for several decades, even centuries. Whether you want to retain that same regal look to your home, or you want to choose a roofing system that is known for its durability, slate roofing Sydney has today is going to be your best choice.


slate roofing Sydney
Slate Roofing 101


Slate is a common roofing material derived from natural stone. This stone is in itself produced from silt and clay that were deposited over time in sea beds. Pressure and intense heat were applied onto these clay in order to produce a new form of mineral. For this reason, the chemical makeup of clay could greatly vary resulting in a wide range of color, quality and composition. It, therefore, provides a wide range of styles and options to choose from for those who intend to use them for the roofing system. For more information go to: http://trinityroofing.com.au/


Why Choose Slate Roofing?


If you are planning to install them for your slate roofing Sydney has to offer, there are many reasons to. The long-lasting quality and durability of slate roofs are considered as the primary reason to choose them. If you are a practical homeowner, this factor alone is enough to convince you to give it a try. According to experts, with proper maintenance, it can last up to 100 years. This explains why a lot of the historic buildings use the slate roofing system and most of them are still intact after several centuries.


Speaking of maintenance, this type of material also requires little maintenance work. As long as you hire a qualified roofing company to install them onto your roof, you should worry little about it deteriorating in a short period of time. The only reason why your roof could damage easily even when you use slate materials for your roof is due to faulty installation. When they are loosely fastened, water could penetrate and make the structural integrity vulnerable.


As long as it is properly installed, you do not have to worry about damage from water since slate roofs have naturally low water absorption. Water resistance is a great quality to have with roofing materials. This is one area wherein slate roofs excel from any other materials used for home roofing systems.  For more information go to: Trinity Roofing Services PTY LTD


Another characteristic of slate roofing is that it doesn’t freeze. This characteristic is related to its low water absorption ability. Hence, no need to worry about it frosting or freezing, which could make it susceptible to damage. That is one less thing to worry about especially in terms of your roofing maintenance.


Finally, and the most important of all, the classic and natural style of slate roofing Sydney has today makes your home more aesthetically appealing. The durability and endurance of this material belie the elegance and timeless appeal it adds to your home. No matter what your home’s architectural design is, it will also be easy to fit right in.