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With the holiday festivities around the corner, families are shopping around for the best holiday destinations. This is a great time for families to connect and have fun since everyone is free; kids are on school holiday and parents on vocational holiday. But, with such a great myriad of enticing holiday destinations, how do you decide on the place to visit? Of course, you want an all-inclusive destination to cater for the needs of each family member, particularly the little ones.  If you’re looking forward to an adventurous family holiday at a beach location, then on your first search on the internet Crescent Heads NSW will undoubtedly pop up. Every year Australia hosts more than 7 million tourists with many attracted by destinations such as Crescent Head. No wonder the tourism industry has grown to a billion dollar industry. This article looks at some of the activities that you can explore with your family outside your accommodation Crescent Head offers.

Water sports enjoyments

Apart from the plenty of comfortable choices of accommodation Crescent Head in NSW has, the adventure that awaits you is one that will keep you in the area longer than you intended. First, if you love water, then the water adventures don’t get any better than this. In fact, Crescent Heads is popularly referred to as the surfing Mecca. Regardless of whether you are a pro surfer or just new to the sport, Crescent Head has something for you.  There is even a local surfing school that offers surfing classes for people who’d love to learn how to surf. This is a good opportunity to introduce your entire family to the amazing art of surfing. You can also do safe swimming, boating and snorkeling in the clear waters. If you are a fishing enthusiast, then you can venture into the deep seas, but this is not one for the faint-hearted. You may also choose to go canal cruising before you retire to the amazing accommodation Crescent Head facility you have chosen.

The adventurous National Park

If you are a lover of the great outdoors and a fanatical bushwalker, then you will have fun on your visit to Crescent Head. What’s more, these are adventurous activities that can be done with all the family members. A visit to the surrounding national park will allow you to enjoy rich flora and fauna that the area boasts of, and you will absolutely get inspired by nature’s finest creatures.

The enthralling social life

 Crescent Head is full of life both during the day and at night.  Some of the fun activities you can do outside fantastic NSW accommodation Crescent Head offers is playing golf. There is a golf course at the local country club that promises a day of enjoyment. There are also tennis courts and game rooms for family fun in selected accommodation Crescent Head facilities. Alternatively, you could stroll along the beach with your family or around the small laid back village as you enjoy the stunning views.

If you are looking for your holiday destination this festive season, then you may want to consider Crescent Head. All you have to do is find the best accommodation Crescent Head has and the rest will be on offer on your doorstep. For more details just visit

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places to stay rockhampton

Top 5 Places to Stay in Rockhampton

Rockhampton is a paradise for travelers and beach lovers. In fact, often travelers prefer to mingle with the locals to get the real flavor of the place. This is where husband and wife team Amie and Brett comes in. They provide first hand local knowledge of the place and are extremely keen to take visitors off shore for a day out. However, when in a new place, you must be absolutely sure of the quality of the places to stay Rockhampton offers to its guests. Here are few of the best places to stay Rockhampton has to offer to the tourists and travelers.

1.     Henderson Park Farm Retreat

If you want to venture beyond the usual hotel and motel stays, then you can opt for this amazing farmland retreat. It is family owned and ensures a comfortable stay for each of its guests. Apart from renting it out for night stays, this retreat also provides wedding facilities. Among the Rockhampton places to stay, this particular retreat offers a unique stay and must be tried out by those in love with adventures and off beat living.

2. Travelodge Rockhampton 

Set near the river, the Travelodge is one of those places to stay Rockhampton offers that give great views to the visitors. The rooms are large and spacious with all regular room amenities present in it. The hotel also offers breakfast at a reasonable price of fifteen dollars. It is perfect for those in a hurry to go about their daily works. Travelodge also offers free parking for their guests. This can be quite convenient for those who prefer to stop at this hotel on their way during a long road trip.

3.     Rockhampton Serviced Apartments

Another range of great places to stay Rockhampton provides to its visitors are the serviced apartments. You can rent the apartment for as many days. These have built in kitchen and other facilities which would make your stay nothing less than a homely experience. More details about serviced apartments can be found at

4. Rockhampton Palms Motor Inn

Set in the quaint atmosphere, this inn lets its guest enjoy their privacy among the beautiful views of the city. The staff is quite helpful and at times, one may be lucky enough to be welcomed by the friendly owners themselves. Interestingly, the place has quick access to the hospital as well. The rooms are adequate enough for a person to live comfortably in it. The rooms have comfortable beds, showers with hot and cold water, microwave and the likes. The city, pubs and eateries are at a walking distance, and hence, the visitors prefer living in this reasonably priced motel.

5. Coffee House Apartment Motel

Coffee House Apartment Motel is a great find for those who are looking for a reasonably priced stay in this city. This motel is easily accessible from the city centre, bus stations, train stations and the likes. A number of great eateries, pubs and joints are at a walking distance from this motel. What’s more, if you are travelling with your pets, the owners welcome them graciously as well. This pet friendly, well staffed motel with clean rooms and modern services is a must try in Rockhampton.

Hence, these are some of the best places to stay in Rockhampton during your vacation. All the above accommodation options strive towards making your holiday a memorable one in this beautiful city.

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